Lungta Livyers #1

Howdy from Mongolia,

Our days have been very full here thus far so this is my first chance to drop you a line. We’ve been enjoying visiting many sights around Ulaanbaatar and getting a tiny sense of the place.

We have one more day here in “UB” and then we will spend much of Tuesday traveling out to Western Mongolia where we will be climbing.

I developed an infection in hand #2 that peaked just as we arrived here in UB after 2 days of travel. I’m pleased to report that the antibiotics are doing a great job and I’m once again on the mend.

We visited a mediation centre today near Turtle Rock and saw these very fancy prayer flags. Prayer flags are also called “Lungta” or Wind Horse. You can see a windhorse in the middle of the prayer flag above. The prayers on prayer flags are released when the winds blow the flags to and fro.

During the two months, Marian and I will be Lungta Livyers. We will be living (and adventuring) amid the high elevation, prayer flag adorned, nations of Mongolia, India, Nepal, and Bhutan and we hope you’ll come along to share what we see, feel, and learn.

I’ll post to the website as often as I can, do some SPOT posts, some audio updates, and will post lots of pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Time to hit the hay as part of my healing plan, I’ve been trying to get lots of sleep and to eat lots of protein (which is no trouble here in Mongolia as there is meat at every meal in piles almost as big as the 44 metre Chinggis Khan statue we saw today.

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3 Responses to Lungta Livyers #1

  1. Jill says:

    Excited to follow you and Marion on your trip! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  2. I love adventure. Enjoy!

  3. Deb B says:

    So excited to follow you all on this adventure!!!

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