Lungta Livyers #8: Four for Four

Later today we will be in our fourth country in four days. That might be a record for us and we knew this week was filled with transitory travel. We tried out a new hotel in KTM called the Hotel Yala Peak and not only found new accommodations but perhaps a new climbing objective.

It was fabulous to visit with Nepali friends Raj, Kumar, Dendi, Ngima, and Norkey and get ready and psyched for our adventure in Ladakh. We learned that many Sherpa folks have gone to Ladakh to work during the monsoon season here.

Just a reminder that internet access is a bit sketchy in Ladakh so you won’t hear from us with the same frequency over the next 14 days. We may be able to use a cyber cafe in Leh but the sat phone and SPOT had to stay in Kathmandu.

We will be visiting about 20 monestaries and other Buddhist sites and then completing a nine day trek back to Leh. It will be nice to sleep in s tent again soon.

Kathmandu is always an exciting tapestry for the senses weaving colour, scents, and traffic into a thrilling journey no matter where you are headed.

Off to the outskirts of Delhi today and up to Leh early tomorrow morning. It will be N abrupt climb/flight to 3700 metres so I suspect tomorrow will be a humbling kinda day. Our only job will be to breathe, drink water, and move very slowly.

Catch you from there.

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