Lungta Livyers #15 In the Bardo

We arrived back to Kathmandu from Paro, Bhutan yesterday morning after three days of trip endings and events. We had a wonderful celebration lunch with our trek organizers in Sephu at the National park office just below the trailhead where we finished. We celebrated that evening in Gantey with wonderfully hot showers and a fine buffet spread. We spent Tuesday driving from Gantey to Thimpu (and trying not to drive into the abyss-I was seated on the outside nearest the road edge and there were times I was really leaning in trying to “help” the driver stay clear of the edge). We had to be up very early Wednesday morning to drive to Paro and fly to KTM. We were treated to an absolutely awesome view of the Himalayas from take off to landing. Marian and I enjoyed seeing our Great Himalayan Route from 2014 from the air. Teammates started flying home today and I think we are firmly in the bardo. Not quite here. Not there anymore. Still thinking about what we just accomplished and beginning to sort through what comes next.

We planned this first stage of Lungta life last December and said we’d sort out the rest as we went…after nearly 2.5 months of knowing what we’d be doing most days, we’re footloose and fancy free. Busy with researching options, laundry, gear repair and the like…we’ll keep you posted as we decide and in the meantime, here are some pictures. The one above is how we experienced the high mountains of Bhutan for our first two weeks: fleeting furtive glimpses of the snow capped peaks that we knew must be there but the clouds just wouldn’t let us see.

We did however see so many prayer flags, lungta, and that made us so happy seeing them in so many places and spaces.

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