Step Two: Drive to Put In

We picked up our canoe in Hay River from Doug Swallow and Canoe North. Stopped only for gas, waterfall viewing, and to dehydrate. We camped st 10 pm and then finished the 1099 km drive to Jasper this morning.

We stopped and got nervous at the Entrance Highway 43 Bridge. We did a trial pack and the good news, it all fits We checked out the launch, ran a few errands and are now, enjoying a pint and burgers. Headed off for some showers and try to get the butterflies to fly in formation as we head off on our expedition to Athabasca that will eventually, lead to Tuktoyaktuk.

Wish us luck and safe passage. More as battery life and Internet connection allow. We are both nervous and excited to put a two year planning process into reality.

Remember, no news is good news (or the batteries are flat).

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