Stage Five: Settling In

> This was camp last night on day four-we called it, “Wild Rose Island” for all the young rose plants and being here in Wild Rose Country. Now we are 60 km downstream, camped on river right, both sitting in our canoe, catching some data coverage, rather than eddies. >
> We are settling into this life. This life of moving downstream, listening to where the water wants you to go, and mostly listening. Listening to the geese honk as we disturb their solitude. Listening to the White Throated Sparrow welcome the day. Listening to that tiny voice of confidence that grows in volume each day, as does the volume of the river. >

> More water joins our journey to the sea. Each molecule joined together in a downhill cascade that moves both tremendously and not at all. Occasionally, the water stills enough to allow both a reflection and reflection. Lessons are picked up around each bend, sometimes slowly on the inside and sometimes, much more rapidly on the outside. Bend, that is. You see, friction slows the water on the inside curve while river carves deeper and faster on the outside. We choose our path with care, often between the two. >
> This life is good. Glad to be settling into paddling North.

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