Day Eight: Town Run and Spurs

We began the day looking over maps and river notes and enjoying the luxury of some tent time. With maps marked, breakfast was time intensive but delicious blueberry and pumpkin seed pancakes.

I then sewed on two buttons on my camp shirt while Marian worked on sorting through some battery/USB/charging options. Laundry and other chores finished the morning and brought us to lunch of applesauce, cashews, and cheese.

We headed into town for a few things and of course, came back with a few extras including salad and ears of corn. I debated buying more stove fuel but decided we had enough. We hopped on the bus and overheard someone say that a fire ban had been announced. Suddenly, we didn’t likely have enough fuel anymore, as with no fires, we’d need to cook all meals on our stove.

We thought about staying on the bus heading all around the route to get back to the store but elected to try the convenience store near the campground. No joy. We figured we’d go into lower fuel cooking mode. We had dinner (salad and brauts-quick meal trying to beat the encroaching thunderstorm ) and then we headed for a shower and we struck up a conversation with a neighbour.

After chatting awhile, he asked if we needed anything, and remembering one of my most important Buddhist lessons, “It is important to empower the generosity of others,” I took a deep breath and replied, “Indeed we do.”

I explained the fire ban/fuel shortage situation and he offered to take us to the store to get more. So now we are blessed with fuel abundance and won’t have to eat GORP for dinner for days and he gets to be our hero of the day. Win win!

He also took us to see Spurs 1-10 after we explained the run in we’d had with Spur 43-1 yesterday before the Hwy 43 Bridge. Now, we’ve scouted out our morning put-in and have our paddling plan to ferry to river left and run the inside turn on all the up coming spurs (which are all the outside turn).

We also got to chatting with the bus driver and she may stop by to wish us well in the morning. Different than many expeditions I’ve done, this one has, and will have, lots of interactions with folks along the route and already, those conversations and connections are being a highlight.

Good night!

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2 Responses to Day Eight: Town Run and Spurs

  1. jacinta mcgrath says:

    So great to read about your latest adventure! I can’t wait for the latest updates and pics! Sounds like soooo much fun! A few of us had a big road trip planned for the summer, but plans have changed….I have some news of my own….myself and Duane are expecting a little baby in early October!! We are so excited and happy! Anywhooo, keep the updates coming, stay safe and say Hi to Marian!



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