Paddling North: Heading Out Again Tomorrow

Turns out, we weren’t in a big hurry to head out from Fort Chipewyan. We’ve so enjoyed our stay that it seemed a shame to rush off (and a bit more test never goes astray).

Yesterday we visited the Wood Buffalo National Park Office and visitor’s Centre. We also spent some time talking about expedition with Lisa’s Grade Seven class. They asked some great questions. Last night, we attended the Athabasca Delta School awards ceremony and help celebrate the students’ achievements.

Last night the light over Lake Athabasca was delicious and we spent some time drinking it in. The golden strip is the sun highlighting the grass/reeds on the far side of the lake.

We going to start paddling North again tomorrow on the Rivière Des Rochers which will lead us to the intersection with the Peace River and the two rivers become the Slave River which we will take to the Great Slave Lake. Phase Four of Paddling North will be Fort Chip to Fort Smith…

Catch you from the river…not sure how much, if any Internet coverage there will along the river for sharing photos but we’ll do an audio update and Spot update daily as usual.

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