Paddling North: Opening Windows, Closing Doors

After an 18 hour blow, the wind has finally calmed. This is looking out from Fort Resolution towards Mission Island from where we came today when the winds began to drop.

We landed near the Treaty Signing Century Celebration Arbor and began to get our bearings in Fort Resolution. We found drinking water, the Northern store, and had many conversations. Folks here are very friendly and eager to hear about our time out on the land and rivers.

We got stocked up and spent the afternoon chatting with folks and getting ready for our next portage/mid trip food supply. We hear we have a squirrel to thank for being down a box of food. It liked M & M’s.

With high winds predicted for much of the next week, we’ve decided to be progressed along our route to Fort Providence so we can spent more time paddling North than East, and more time meeting and chatting with Northerners than sitting on the beach. Too much spent winded-off the water on the lake would likely mean not getting as far on the Mackenzie as we’d hoped. So a door is closing to open a window for other experiences because we have a finite ending date for the expedition since I’m presenting a paper in Wales at the end of August.

We’ve paddled 1341 kilometres to get here in 41 days and we have a bunch more to go so stay tuned and we’ll catch ya from the Mackenzie real soon!

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