Paddling North: Maps, Post Office, and Providence

We decided to take this as a P day…planning, prep, and post office. We got a ride into town and visited a few spots then sidled up to the Snowshoe Cafe, ordered buffalo burgers and fries, and using the flat horizontal surface (known as a table we think) to have a map marking fest.

My maps become a mess of beta and Marian’s are a feast of neat tech. It’s good to have done as we are know familiar with all the place names, likely campsites, and spots of the river to paddle with care. Despite our employer’s motto of “Launch Forth,” we didn’t ready after the quick transition from Fort Res so we took the day to get ready.

Six weeks ago, we made the best gear decisions we could and we figured we’d have more free time. With long paddling days and fatigue at the end of the day, we found we didn’t need quite as many “entertainment” items as originally thought. With all possible car/truck portages done, we could also send home our canoe blocks and straps. So we boxed them up (in one of the boxes the squirrels didn’t eat, make filthy, or destroyed) and sent it off. May the spirits bless and guide it on its way home (Maaike and Jason-another package is coming your way).

We have several days of rain and grey forecasted so we are also charging as many of our electronics at the campground as we can. So, a busy but productive day and we are feeling much more ready to “make like a hockey player and get the puck out of here” tomorrow. Seeing all these communities makes me miss hockey-I haven’t played in about a year. Looking forward to getting back on the ice.

We visited the Our Lady Of Providence Church this morning and enjoyed a few quiet minutes in thought and prayer.

The burger was good and even better to have a break from cooking. It’s time to go purchase our fishing licenses since the darn squirrel ate so much of our protein supply (just kidding-we we’re getting the licenses anyway). By the way, I’ve named our campsite squirrel “Pete” so when I go running to chase him out, I can decree, “For Pete’s sake!” It’s been lovely to do our maps on a horizontal surface devoid of the distraction of Fort Providence’s legendary black flies-and I must go back out now and face them once again!

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