Paddling North: Settling In With a New Friend

We are settling in nicely to life on the Deh Cho / Mackenzie River and it welcomed us gently and then had bed. Throwing a wee bit of everything at us. Rain, thunder, wind, intense sun, amazing views, beavers, eagles, and all sorts of moods from slug like sea monster to roaring teenager, from still meditative elder to impish toddler.

We are settling in and learning the ins and outs of this big river. We are being challenged but not overwhelmed, asked to stretch but not break.

We just passed the 1500 km mark (. halfway) last night and today is day 49 of 90 or so. We thought about posing with our developing biceps in the wild roses and cautioning it, “ Guns and Roses” but we haven’t pulled it off yet.

Off to explore Jean Marie. Thanks for coming along.

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1 Response to Paddling North: Settling In With a New Friend

  1. Jennifer Dick says:

    Gorgeous. The night paddling sounded amazing. You gals go!

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