Paddling North: Winded Off at Kilometre 1862


This is TA calling in from Kilometre 1862 of Paddling North. You can hear it blowing behind me about 20 to 25 km/h building to gusts of 45 km/h and kicking up pretty good. When you have the wind against the current, it gives you giant standing waves, in fact, giant three-foot breakers so we wisely stayed on shore.  I’m actually wondering if it’s closer to Kilometre 1900. We have had pretty much a full-on rest day.

We spent the day reading, napping, and attending to the tent.  I wrote a text update earlier about how this expedition is a lot like climbing Everest. We are hoping the weather report tells us that that we will probably be let out of wind jail tomorrow and can start paddling towards Tulita which will be our next stop. It could take anywhere between three and six days or who knows the wind could sideline us again. We are resting in the hopes of being able to continue downriver tomorrow. It is very stressful if we end up spending too many days in a row winded off.  As I explained a little bit last night, it gets a little bit stressful when we spend too many days winded-off in a row. Our schedule requires us to put in 40 km a day and when we sit out on the beach for days that puts us far behind schedule.  Sitting here with a view of the mountain that has its toes in the water.

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