Heading Off to a Pretty Big Wall

After a quick day of catching up with friends and errands, the expedition bags are packed and we head off in the morning. We tested our expedition comms this morning and all seem to be working well. As long as battery power holds out, we will send an audio message and location link daily. We likely won’t be able to send out many photos so you’ll have to depend on my verbal descriptions and use your imagination.

We visited a stupa and enjoyed both people and pigeon watching.

We are traversing the Ganesh Himal and Langtang regions and will be out on the trail for 30 days or so. Depending on weather and snow conditions, (so far there has been lots of both this spring here in the mountains) we may need to alter our route so stay tuned.

We spend much of tomorrow driving to the start of our trip at Soti Khola and then start walking (uphill) on Wednesday. So pleased to have you along!

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2 Responses to Heading Off to a Pretty Big Wall

  1. Sarah Upton says:

    So happy that you and Marian are on another adventure! I’m jealous again! Will live vicariously through you.

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