Pretty Big Walk Traverses Ganesh Himal

This was the view from the pass that signalled we had almost completed our traverse of the Ganesh Himal on the Great Himalayan Trail on our Pretty Big Walk. Marian is making a shape with the Langtang Himal making a fine fine background.

During the first ten days of walking, we have covered 100 km, made approximately 190,000 steps, and gained about 8700 metres (almost the height of Everest). We’ve been crossing ridges and valleys and enjoying pretty views almost every step of the way.

Except when it was raining, snowing, hailing, or misting (which it’s done most days). Marian and I didn’t sleep much on Pangsang Pass (pictured above) because of a ferocious electrical storm that dumped nearly a foot of snow.

We’ve had sun the past two days with only small pecks of rain. We are hoping the weather pattern has broken and will be more steady for our traverse of the Langtang Himal. Battery power for electronics has been scant so I will close for now.

Thanks for following along and we can’t wait to tell you more in a few weeks.

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2 Responses to Pretty Big Walk Traverses Ganesh Himal

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Love the pics and your posts! Envy you your Pretty Big Walk – a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to my own hiking trip in Yoho Nat’l Park in Sept. Blessings on your sore feet/knees/hips. Carry on inspiring people!

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