River with Two Names: My Canoe Got Bigger

Looking over the bow of our canoe, it is much bigger now. We traded our smaller boats for a ride on the Kamutik W from Hopedale to Goose Bay. We traded the calm solitude of the wilderness for the intense group experience of the Labrador ferry.

We settled in for the 36 hour run and enjoyed the sensation of going 24 km/h with no effort. We first traversed a piece of coastline we had paddled the day before but then enjoyed seeing the outer islands for the first time on a lovely sunny day.

Our first stop was Postville and the group obliged me with a collective effort at a shape. After a quick stop, the ferry headed out to see again. Just as we turned the cape towards Makkovik, some beauty icebergs put the group’s effort at a shape to shame.

Pulling into Makkovik, I pointed out all the sights I remembered from a winter visit a few years ago to do a talk at the school.

With a bit more practice and incorporating some local props, the team rocked making a shape. After Makkovik, we settled into our bunks for the night and it was the Labrador Sea’s turn to make a shape. Many, in fact. The seas were rough and we were rocked, gently and not so gently, as the ferry pitched and rolled.

This morning we docked in Rigolet and the team tried to blend in with the town sign. We enjoyed a walk along the province’s longest boardwalks.

We are now leaving Rigolet for the 6.5 hour run to Goose Bay. Our boats have been riding in their very own container and we might get them this evening…or tomorrow morning. We will laid up and hit the Labrador Highway to catch our next ferry.

More from Goose Bay.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for taking us along with you

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