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2013 Scott Expedition Training in Greenland

This team was coming in as we were flying out of Greenland-they traced some of our route so you can see some tracks my team made…a lovely piece-be patient as it is HD but some of the footage is gorgeous-it … Continue reading

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Visual Soliloquy #106 Realise that true happiness lies within you…

Realize that true happiness lies within you. – Lucian

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New Views

Howdy, Happy three months to my birthday day. I’m a few days late in writing this but it’s been a rollercoaster weeks of intense highs and lows and I’m tried to take inspiration and meaning from both. I flew out … Continue reading

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Back from the Polar Realm

Good Morning on the Ides of March, I can’t believe a week has gone by since I finished my polar training program. My apologies to those I had worried by my silence–I came home with a wicked case of carpal … Continue reading

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Sleds, Kites, and Everything 63 Degrees Longitude

A week of learning about polar life and travel has already passed and tomorrow we head out to test our new skills and knowledge for real on a seven-day expedition in minus 30 C temperatures. During our initiation phase, we’ve … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of an Arctic Adventure!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to All, I missed writing last week because doing three overnights with students in three weekends in a row challenged even my time management skills. Despite a winter of low snow (until this week where we … Continue reading

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