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A Right Nice Paddle: Ocean Pond to Markland Bridge

In July, we paddled a route that was new to all three of us. We began in Ocean Pond and then used the Hodges River to transition over to the Whitborne pond Circuit and then we finished by taking the … Continue reading

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Exploring a Forgotten Trail: Hiking the Avondale River

Since March, Marian and I have been exploring and adventuring closer to home. We’ve been pushing ourselves to find and fall in love with new outdoor places rather than stick to all the places we already adore. We skied until … Continue reading

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Paddling Chance Cove

Mike, Marian, and I had another fabulous paddling day recently. We set out from Chance Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador and paddled to Rantem and then returned to Chance Cove. We departed from the government wharf, along with many folks headed out to catch cod during the food fishery. We looked across the bay to the popular Chance Cove hike, know for its stunning beauty. Unbeknownst to most hikers, is that the coastline opposite them is equally beauteous-but only accessible via boat, kayak, or bushwhack. Continue reading

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Beauty Day Out: Paddling from Chapels Cove to Harbour Main

Marian, Mike, and I spend a lovely day paddling from Chapels Cove to Harbour Main, NL and back. We wanted to share the beauty we saw and experienced with you.

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World Premiere: OMD and the School of Drag

Welcome. Thanks for joining me as I premiere my short film about OMD and the joys of portaging on our “River with Two Names” expedition in August of 2019. The film is called OMD and The School of Drag. It … Continue reading

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Almost Everything I Needed to Know about Getting Through Tough Times, I Learned on Aconcagua (and other mountains)

It feels like I’m on an expedition and I don’t know when this expedition will end. That’s new, because most of my expeditions have an end date when the float plane comes, when the climbing season ends due to monsoon, … Continue reading

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Get Away to the Mountains, the Deserts and the Deepest Recesses of the Earth-A Found Piece of Writing

Here on 2-20-20, another fine odometer moment, I delved into a little Finder clean-up/re-org and found this piece I’d written some time ago. Given all the skiing we’ve been doing this winter and given our soon to be departure to … Continue reading

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Making the List: 90 Great Canadian Explorers

I am humbled once again to be recognized by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society by my inclusion in their 90 Greatest Canadian Explorers List. Of course, whenever a list is made, many noteworthy, awesome, & deserving folks are left off … Continue reading

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Revisiting an Adventurous Decade Countdown 2019: Pretty Big Walk and River with Two Names

To finish off this countdown, (which has been pretty darn fun to do–thanks for coming along), I’ll leave you with two expeditions from the past year. Our climb of Yala Peak, occurred during our Pretty Big Walk expedition in April … Continue reading

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Revisiting an Adventurous Decade Countdown 2018: How Paddling North is Like Climbing Everest and 2.5 Million Paddle Strokes

Happy New Year! Since I didn’t quite manage to get the countdown completed before the new year dawned (oh well-it was more fun to ski than stare at my laptop), here is 2018’s entry. With a 90-day expedition that year, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2020! Every Moment is New

The year has just turned to 2020…what a lovely odometer year! Those who have followed me for awhile know that I am a fan of odometer moments. Turns out that I have several posts that explain this love of mine. … Continue reading

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