Making the List: 90 Great Canadian Explorers

I am humbled once again to be recognized by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society by my inclusion in their 90 Greatest Canadian Explorers List. Of course, whenever a list is made, many noteworthy, awesome, & deserving folks are left off so in my mind, I’ll call it the “90 Great Canadian Explorers List ” to recognize that there are likely 90 or 180 or 270 more folks that could be on the same list. To see the section of the list I’m on, click here.

And, I will try to bask a bit and own my accomplishments-because that’s a good growth step for me—to see, recognize, and claim my competency and reach as an explorer and communicator (that sounds like some academic papers I wrote :-). Thank you all for your kind congratulations and support over the past decades-you are the reason I’m still out there, exploring and more importantly, sharing what I see and feel out there-so that we can “live the map” together.

The introduction to the overall list is found here. “For the 90th anniversary of Canadian Geographic, we asked a panel of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Explorers-in-Residence and Honorary Vice-Presidents to give us Canada’s greatest explorers, dead or alive, mariner, mountain climber, polar trekker, anthropologist or astronaut. The only condition? Their picks must have been born in Canada or lived here long enough to qualify for citizenship by today’s standards. ”

Click on a section below to explore the various sections of the list:

Vital insights 

Charting the unknown 

Geographic feats 

Human limits 

Going beyond

Crucial communication 


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8 Responses to Making the List: 90 Great Canadian Explorers

  1. Paul Bucca says:

    Way to go gal!!!!!

  2. Jill says:

    Very deserving! Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats!! Way to go

  4. Elena Whyte says:

    Congratulations from all of us here at St. Anne’s School in South East Bight !

  5. Henri Morissette says:

    I remember a 13 year old fast ball player who was in the city of Edmonton finals against my daughter, a winning team that I was coaching, she came to me after the game and said “Uncle Henri, next year we will beat your team” her confidence was impressive then and it still is now.
    Henri Morissette

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