Pink Outside the Box

Greetings from Another Gorgeous Day,

I continue to be amazed at how weeks seem to be flying by at light speed. I had a good week of training with my adjusted program. I enjoyed having 15 different varieties of push-ups on the menu and how each one worked my body in different ways. Pack weights went up again for both indoor and outdoor training. I trained with Phil for the first time since I returned from Kili and loved how he challenges me to push harder.

We were outside for the first time doing a combination drill that included agility footwork, throwing medicine balls, and kicking soccer balls. I was having a bit of a tough time with some wheezing so I’ll pay a visit to my doc this week to seek her advice on that-it may have been that the pollen count was high in the field or maybe third week fatigue or maybe I didn’t warm-up enough.

I’m nearing the end of my hypoxia protocol which is a first-I was able to start the program enough weeks out that I’ll get through the whole ten weeks. I’m working my steady state session at 10% oxygen now, the equivalent of 6000 metres of altitude. I hope to get down to 9% before I go but as usual, I’ve started to have some mask phobia and it becomes a mental workout just to use the equipment. I’ve been using mountaineering DVD’s to help push through that barrier-having the computer to pay attention to distracts from the sensation of wanting to rip the mask off. From past experience, I know this comes up for me after about 9 weeks of training and if I can stay with it, it passes.

I leave in five weeks from tomorrow and I’m split in thinking that there’s lots of time and departure will be here before I know it. I’m tempted to start laying out gear and making piles and lists. My excitement for the climb is growing but at the same time, feelings of doubt sometimes crawl into the weft of my thoughts. I notice them and try to set them aside. I know I’ll be missing the WOKies big time as I head off on this adventure needing to create the team and community on arrival. I knew the WOKies had spoiled me and I look forward to future adventures with them (and others).

I met with Paula Tessier again this week to put our heads together about the fundraising aspect of the climb. After some yummy dessert, we came up with something that I will be really fun (and terrifying). I’m going to let you know earlier than the public announcement so you can start combing your closets and tickle trunks!

I hate pink. I really do. It’s never been a colour that has appealed to me. I don’t own one thing that is pink. Pink is a colour that sends shivers down my spine and the thought of dressing in pink is almost enough to send me screaming from the room.

So, when thinking about what I might do to entice people to donate to my Pumori: Climb for Awareness, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Atlantic Region, the colour pink naturally came to mind. Pink symbolizes the fight against breast cancer and thus leads me to a very large challenge. For the week of September 15-19, I will subject myself to “Pink Outside the Box.”

For these five long days, I will dress in any pink items that supporters who donate $20 provide. For each donation of $20, I will don one item. A pink dress. $20. A string of pink pearls. $20. Pink shoes. $20. Pink boa $20. Pink hockey jersey. $20. Pink training tights. $20. Pink ribbons $20.

My chest tightens as I consider the possibilities of training, teaching, and going about my week dressed in donated pink items. However, if total donations to the climb reach the $3581 (halfway to the goal) during that week, my “Pinking Outside the Box” will not stop at clothing. If this level of donations is reached, I will dye my hair pink! One hundred percent of the money raised through “Pink Outside the Box” and Pumori: Climb for Awareness climb go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Atlantic Region (i.e. none of it will go towards the costs of the climb).

I’ll keep you posted on the logistics of getting items to me. I plan to post daily pictures of each’s day’s pink outfit to my website and am hoping to generate some media interest in both Pink Outside the Box and the climb.

I’m off to train…have a good week. Thanks for your support.


PS. To donate online, click here. For a downloadable form to fax or mail, click here.

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