Antarctica Countdown 12 Days and Counting: My New Rayne Coat

A package arrived from RMI (my Vinson outfitter) yesterday…”Wahoo a prezzie from the outfitter,” I exclaimed. Even before I opened it, I said “I hope it’s not pink.” Marian just about split a gut when I pulled out a very pink, very fancy fleece jacket. “Oh no!” I moaned. I haven’t wore pink since 2008 and “Pink Outside the Box” campaign for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation just before my Pumori climb. During that week, people said I looked good in pink. The new jacket has that wonderful soft wearable hug of new fleece and it’s wind pro…so I started wearing it around the house. Marian grinned every time she looked over.

I was talking to Mike and Shawn last night and told them of my new jacket. Shawn laughed out loud and then said, “It’s karma, Rayne loves pink and loves you…so that’s why they sent you a pink jacket. It’s your new Rayne coat!” I smiled deeply to my soul and knew Shawn was right. Wearing the coat would make me think of Rayne and so it became fun to wear it when I thought of it that way. So I wore it to present at a conference tonight and I even told the story of my new Rayne coat! I don’t know yet if it will go to the ice as it doesn’t have a hood…and I love this weight of layer to have a hood and I already have a Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union sponsor badge sewn on my favourite blue slipstream jacket!

I did a big hit of shopping today and got most of my lunch/snack food bought that I will bring from here. I’ll have to buy cheese, sausage, jerky, and crackers down there. We have to provide our own lunch food so it’s nice we can customize it to our personal likes and preferences. I’m evaluating each item for weight, calorie density, and eatability in it’s frozen state. I also got sunsreen, lip balm, new journal, and all those kinds of expedition things!

I also saw the proof of the Xander Penguin T-shirt today-it looked fabulous-the order will be ready for me to pick up tomorrow or Monday…a serious double wahoo with hot fudge and whipped cream on top! Can’t wait to start the album of pictures of folks wearing their new T-shirts and especially those that can wear both T-shirts and toques together! I’ll post a picture as soon as I have a T-shirt in hand…there are about 25 shirts that will be looking for homes (they are excellent holiday presents) 🙂

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2 Responses to Antarctica Countdown 12 Days and Counting: My New Rayne Coat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just like me, you do look good in pink, especially in your new, pink, fleecy RAYNE coat! Love, Mermaid Rayne

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