Pumori in Pink


Two weeks and counting. I finally gave in and made a “to-do” list because the details were starting to pile up in numbers greater than seven (the average number of things we can hold in short term memory).

There is now gear piled up on my couch. That’s a sure sign that a climb is near. The sorting and choosing has begun as well as the “gear choice” anxiety that tries to convince me that there is only one right choice and making that right choice will ensure that I am safe, warm, and dry always (ha ha). I’m aiming to go as light as possible because that keeps life simpler (and helps meet the new baggage restrictions).

Whenever I take my socks off these days, I am instantly startled. My toenails are shockingly pink. On Wednesday I paid a visit to the Director of Human Resources at Memorial and she gave the first donation towards “Pink Outside the Box.” She provided me with a stunning pair of pink flip flops complete with pink daisies and then proceeded to paint my toenails to match. Another woman in the office put on “top-coat” (who knew there was something called top-coat?) to help keep the polish job looking sharp. My feet don’t look like mine.

Tonight I am kicking off the week by wearing bright pink hockey socks to my game. Tomorrow might just be the day for the set of pink fairy wings that someone dropped off. Who knows what might be in the pink tickle-trunk by Friday…I’m a bit nervous to say the least. There were a few media stories about “Pink Week” as I call it amongst friends: click here and here to see them. I was a bit worried about how the one picture would turn out because the photographer kept saying, “Now give me that crazy look again.”

If you’d like to get in on the pink action, click here to donate or visit my website for a downloadable form and then email me to let me know what you want me to wear. I’m game for nearly anything. I’ll try to get daily updates from Paula Tessier to see how close we’re getting to the week’s goal of halfway up the mountain and pink hair (I know several of you out there are eager for that to happen). My dad’s cousin sent in a donation with the request that I carry a pink rattle and soother since I carried those the last time they saw me dressed in pink!!! Thanks to all who’ve donated thus far and to those that will jump aboard this week for Pink Outside the Box.

I also have a limited number of Pumori: Climb for Awareness toques for sale with all net proceeds also going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. They are $15. Drop me a line if you are interested.

The first few days back at training after the rest week were tough but I felt the increased strength from the rest almost immediately. It’s easy at this point to second-guess my training approach as pre-trip anxiety arises but I know I was feeling strong on Kili and I’m even stronger now. So here’s hoping and here’s blessing my immune system. As usual, one of the toughest things about a climb in Nepal is staying healthy throughout the trek and climb.

For those in St. John’s, I’m hoping to do a multi-ascent training session on Signal Hill next Saturday or Sunday, if you could spare an hour to drive downhill, please drop me a line with when you are available. Depending on the number of folks who volunteer, I’m hoping it will be less than an hour per person and you could even do it in my car!

This is going to be a very big week. I look forward to it with all the magical and fun and embarrassing moments that will come from dressing absurdly in public. When you see me, try not to laugh too loud. Have a good week and check my website and Facebook page often for picture updates from the week!

Yours in pink,


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