French Pastries

Happy Back to School to All,

Sorry this update is late, I actually took a vacation. I think it is first period of time in several years I labeled as “vacation.” I spoke at a high school in Grand Bank and then headed over to the French island of St. Pierre to eat French bread and pastries (as well as rest and hike). After a few days of carbohydrate loading, I spent some time exploring the Burin Peninsula by kayak. I loved being out on the salt water once again and even managed to flip my boat while playing in a rock garden. The good news was that my new dry suit works very well and other than a bruised ego, all was okay ☺.

I leave for Pumori in three short weeks. I received the expedition list from Tim Rippel (the expedition leader) and the team covers four continents. There are 15 climbers on two teams hailing from Canada, US, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and Jordan. We’re joined by two guides (Tim Rippel from Canada and Hugo Searle from the US/Wales) and ten Sherpa climbers/staff from Nepal. Having more trip details makes it all seem much more real and exciting. I tried out my new base camp tent on the Burin and I think it will make a fine mountain home.

I have two more weeks of hard training and will then taper off for the two weeks before the climb begins. Much of the next while will be spent packing, repacking, making what gets to go and what stays behind decisions. I have a few presentations and other projects to keep me busy and out of trouble.

The countdown to “Pink Outside the Box” is on! Rumour has it that a pair of pink wings has been found as well as a pair of pink pumps. If you plan on getting me a pink item to wear for next week, please drop me an email so I can make an arrangement to pick it up and get it into the queue for wearing! For each contribution of $20 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Atlantic, you can have me wear any item of pink clothing or accessory. I will go about my regular week wearing the various items and am somewhat nervous (okay, terrified) of what my wardrobe for next week will entail.

I got an update from Paula Tessier and we’re almost 10 percent of the way towards our fundraising goal of one dollar per metre of Pumori. I’m hoping “Pink Outside the Box,” gets us much further up the mountain. Remember that I’ve promised to dye my hair pink if we reach the halfway mark of the fundraising goal by the end of next week.

Speaking of climbing the mountain, Tim sent out a picture of Pumori with the route highlighted on it. It’s an amazing ridge-based route that promises some great views of Everest and the whole Khumbu valley. Check out the red line on the photo. We’ll place an Advanced Base Camp and then two camps on the mountain before the summit attempt. I will be clogging from the mountain so you’ll be able to follow along every step of the way on my website.

Time to head out to step class and drop lots of salt water on the floor. Thanks for your support and do find me some pink to wear!

With gratitude,


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