What’s TA Climbing Next? Clue #4

Alright! Things are heating up in the guessing department. I’m loving how you are all catches some of the subtle clues in the images and putting it together with some google or bing action to come up with all new options for my climbing list. I truly think the list will never get any shorter. See if you can get all the pieces to add up…or not…maybe all the connections are in my mind only 🙂 No seriously, some folks are getting close! What’s TA climbing next?

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35 Responses to What’s TA Climbing Next? Clue #4

  1. Maggie Keiley says:

    Nevados de Quimsachata – as it is a volcano 3 peaks in clile ( which is where we get a ton of produce from ( Like granny smiths )
    Ok I am reaching 🙂
    but I am really enjoying the game and learning a ton about mountains..
    Have a great climb no matter where it is ..

    • TA Loeffler says:


      I think I may have blown it with the apple holding summit shot-I unintentionally threw folks off course…though I’m liking the new mountains/volcanoes that are being added to the list all the time. What mountain am I holding the apple on? And for those who like internet detective work, of which I am learning are several, what was the deal with that apple on that mountain? I climbed a volcano when I was in Chile-I’ll have to post it’s picture soon-it was interesting in that we could only summit if the wind was blowing the toxic (and sometimes fatal) cauldron gases away from our side of ascent! Keep those guesses coming!

  2. TA Loeffler says:

    (From Mona) Is it the Volcan de Fuego de Colima. I’m thinking there is no snow or ice involved so it has to be somewhere warm.

    • TA Loeffler says:


      “The Colima Volcano is currently one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico and in North America. It has erupted more than 40 times since 1576.” Hadn’t heard of that one but sounds like an exciting volcano! You’re getting warmer with every guess!

      (the computer ate your comment so I reposted it!)

  3. Trien Wissink says:

    OK I did a little bit of detective work…..Applecore has been sponsoring you on expeditions to 6 of the world’s 7 tallest peaks and you holding their flag was photographed at the summits of these locations. On the summit of Aconcagua in Argentinau you were not holding a flag, but an apple that mysteriously disappeared from Applecore’s board room – Are you climbing/trekking to Aconcagua with Marian? Not sure what that has to do with a hat trick though…lol. Maybe I just need more clues.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Detective Trien,

      You are working this case very hard. Perhaps in a few days I will include geo cache coordinates but not quite yet…Yes-the mountain I am holding the apple on is Aconcagua, highest point in South America. I indeed took the AppleCore apple with me (borrowed one day I should say) to photograph along the way. I do have a flag photo of me on Aconcagua…but I don’t have an apple on the summit of today’s photo…as I said to Maggie, the apple may have been an inadvertent red (i.e. green) herring! Today’s clue may be helpful…

  4. Trien Wissink says:

    This is to add to my previous post….I did a little more digging trying to figure out what this picture of you on Denali had to do with anything and when I went through your Denali album there was a comment about you being in Argentina in 1999. So maybe the hat trick photo is about you going to Argentina a third time. Just guessing 🙂

    • TA Loeffler says:

      You’re closing in now…not on Argentina but on putting the pieces together…so you’re looking to complete a hat trick…

  5. Carla Quirke says:

    My next guess is Volcan Maipo.Carla

  6. Mark Snow says:

    Ok – I think the mext climb will be Whatcom Peak in the Cascade Range … that’s my guess, how’d I do?


  7. Carla Quirke says:

    Here I go again: mount Volcan Matlalcueyetl.Carla

  8. Trien Wissink says:

    I hope I have this figured out…..Pico de Orizaba is the third (referring to hat trick clue) highest mountain in North America…also called by its Aztec name Citlaltepetl, which means “Star Mountain” (referring to Star Trek clue) It’s also called Volcan Pico de Orizaba, meaning “Volcano Peak of Orizaba.” (there was the picture of Spock, a vulcan, in the Star Trek clue) Could it be Pico de Orizaba?

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Now that is some detective work…and I was so close to doing Orizaba this fall…I tried to climb Popo, Ixta, and Orizaba way back in 1986…and have always wanted to get back to Orizaba…I’d be there now if one of my plans had worked out…so it’s one answer to all the pieces but not quite the one…

  9. Kristen says:

    Revisiting Volcán Popocatépetl?

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Would love to…except that Popo has been erupting for the last bunch of years and you can’t climb it at the moment!

  10. Carla Quirke says:

    heres my next try :Volcan Iztaccihuatl. Carla

    • TA Loeffler says:

      It’s a great volcano…I’ve been on its flanks…but it’s not on my dance card for now…it’s one of Mexico’s oft-climbed trilogy!

  11. Carla Quirke says:

    Another try: Volcan Matlalcueitl.Carla

  12. Mona says:

    Looking at the hat trick aspect . Is it Monte Pissis???

  13. Mona says:

    I’ve looked a little more and i am more inclined to think it might be one of two
    Volcan Acotango or Volcan Humarata. As I get only 1 guess per comment I’ll say Volcan Acotango now.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      One of the Three Brothers…I loved my time in northern Chile (though I didn’t try this one yet)…good guess…the list just keeps getting longer…

  14. Jackie says:

    Wondering if it is Mount St. Helens??? It is nicknamed the “fugi-san of America” and fuji is a type of apple…vulcan it has a vocano…a hat trick is is 3 goals and this mountain is part of range that includes 2 of the other mountains that were mentioned Mount Ranier and Mount Hood?

    • TA Loeffler says:


      Nice…I like how you’ve worked the apple in with the volcano aspect and the hat trick…it’s been a great surprise to learn of all the mountain hat tricks that await me…but Mount St. Helens isn’t the one.

  15. Trudy Veitch says:

    Well… I’m still figuring. I got real lazy and decided to google with the more concrete clue for me – that was the vulcan clue… meaning a mountain that is a volcan or volcano… I know it has to be one of the highest… you also hinted that it was in a very warm area… well… upon googling.. the one that came up was …

    Volcán Tajumulco (4,211m), Guatemala, highest mountain in Guatemala and Central America

    Could it be this one????

    • TA Loeffler says:

      You’ve got it as well! You get the Bronze medal for Mountain Guessing today!!! Nice job. There will be a treat for you from Guatemala as well. Gold went to Carla and Silver to MC!

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