Alan Arnette Summits Everest for his Mother: Memories are Everything

Congratulations to Alan Arnette who topped out on Mount Everest around 05:00 Nepal time Saturday May 21.  Alan, you’ve made your mother very proud and honoured her memory with your achievement today.

I tracked Alan via SPOT all afternoon but was heading over to a friend’s 50th birthday party.  When we arrived I said, “We might not be able to stay long as my friend is going to summit Everest tonight and we want to watch.”  Within seconds, a laptop appeared and the whole room began to buzz.  For the next three hours, every newcomer to the party was briefed on the dual celebrations and came over to see the SPOT location.  People would randomly call out from conversations asking if there was a new ping.

For about an hour, it appeared that the SPOT wasn’t moving.  I thought maybe Alan was stopped at the Hilary Step.  Suddenly, there was a ping and the marker jumped to the summit.  The whole room went up in celebration when Alan’s summit was confirmed not only via the SPOT position but with his excited and emotional call from the summit that we all crowded around the laptop to listen to.

I’m smiling from ear to ear and sending Alan lots of energy for the big task of getting down safely that is still ahead of him.  I’m finding my visa card and making a donation towards Alzheimer’s research…will you consider doing the same?

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