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Alan Arnette Summits Everest for his Mother: Memories are Everything

Congratulations to Alan Arnette who topped out on Mount Everest around 05:00 Nepal time Saturday May 21.  Alan, you’ve made your mother very proud and honoured her memory with your achievement today. I tracked Alan via SPOT all afternoon but … Continue reading

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Alan’s Summit Bid

A friend and fellow climber, Alan Arnette is on his Everest summit bid as I type.  I’m thrilled that he managed to beat a persistent chest infection to even be able to make the attempt.  His motivation and passion for … Continue reading

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Nose to the Grindstone

Buenos Domingo, Marian and I are stepping up both our physical training and our Spanish language training in the weeks leading up to our departure for Guatemala and Tajumulco. It’s time to put our noses to the grindstone! We’ve been … Continue reading

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Road Trip

Happy 2010 Olympics! Another seven doors are open on the Everest advent calendar and I’ve had a good trip out west.  After months of wrangling with various bureaucracies, it finally worked for me to pay a visit to the University … Continue reading

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