Alan’s Summit Bid

A friend and fellow climber, Alan Arnette is on his Everest summit bid as I type.  I’m thrilled that he managed to beat a persistent chest infection to even be able to make the attempt.  His motivation and passion for the climb comes from his mother and her horrific battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.  He is climbing all of the seven summits to raise awareness of the disease as well as a million dollars for research.

This is Alan’s fourth attempt and I applaud his tenacity, humility, and generosity.  He has been a mentor to many (including me) and is a longtime devoted Everest blogger.  If anyone deserves a summit, it is Alan and I have my heart in my throat as he climbs today.  I’m clicking refresh very often on his SPOT tracker and I wish/pray/hope with all my might, that all the causes and conditions come together tonight/tomorrow for his summit and safe return.  He is climbing with IMG (my outfitter for Everest-007 and Mt. Elbrus 2006).

This video came to my attention today and it shows some of the climbing route Alan will be climbing on his way to the summit.

Godspeed Alan-Climb on!

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