Antarctica Countdown 85 Days and Counting: Out of Retirement

In light of the need to pull loads from Mount Vinson base camp to Camp One, I have come out of re”tire”ment and began training with the tire once again. Natelle was gracious enough to get up early to be my tire wallah de jour and accompanied on my first sojourn up Signal Hill with the tire. My goal for the first time out with the tire in 18 months was a “half pull”…pulling from the bottom of Temperance Street to the Johnson Geo Centre. To be honest, it wasn’t as tough as I anticipated but my calves still felt like there were going to explode. I clocked in at 15:59 for the half pull and will gradually work my up to five pulls once again before heading to the ice. I leave for Mount Vinson on November 29 and training will now be intense as we hit the 85 day countdown. I look forward to sharing the next few months of preparation and then the climb with you.

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2 Responses to Antarctica Countdown 85 Days and Counting: Out of Retirement

  1. Shelagh Egar says:

    And we look forward to reading about it all! Great to see you short sleeves…..I guess summer finally made it to the Rock too….just in time for fall.

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