Antarctica Countdown 75 Days and Counting: Hurricane? Improvise…

I’d planned my workout for today for the afternoon since we had the official opening of our new lecture theatre this morning at work. I forgot to account for the fact that Hurricane Maria was supposed to be barrelling down on us a little past noon. Just as I was settling back into my desk after lunch, allowing for some digest time before a “work capacity” work-out, my email pinged with the message that the university (and therefore my workout facility was closing in 30 minutes). “Yippee, snow day!” was my first thought-it a rare school closure in September. I head for home amid some heavy rain and wind and settled into my chair to finish a writing project. That done, I remembered I still owed myself a work-out…

“Hmmm,” I said, “I wonder if it will be possible to pull it off at home. The rain has stopped and even some blue sky poked out as the eye of the storm flew past. I checked out the prescription and realized I could improvise all of the gear I needed…

Here are my improvised 2.5 pound weights for shoulder scarecrows (they actually weighted a little over three but they did the job). The rocks are my natural abacus for keeping track of rounds of exercise.

My old wooden office chair turned out to be the exact right height for the 500 step-ups needed to do (and as long as I stepped right in the middle of the chair, it didn’t creak too much). I filled my day pack with 25 pounds and it doubled as kettleball, weight plate, and barbell. I used gmaps pedometer to map out exactly 200 meters I needed for the 10 interval runs and all was well with the training world.

WIth the near 100% humidity, today’s work capacity was definitely a sweat fest but I’m very pleased I didn’t let Hurricane Maria knock my training plan off the rails.

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