Antarctica Countdown 74 Days and Counting: Six is so Much More than Five

Up early on a Saturday morning and already have my workout in-wahoo. I have a date with three Signal Hills later but for now, I’ll enjoy being done with another strength training session. I’m already seeing dividends of the work I’m putting in with an internal spark of strength being kindled within. I’m walking a bit taller, feeling a bit more confident, getting a wee bit of strut in my step…sometimes the program has 5 rounds and sometimes 6 rounds in a set. I was thinking this morning that somehow six seems so much more than five. Like with five, the third set of exercises is the hump…but with six, after three, I’m still facing three more…and somehow that last one seems daunting.

In reality, it’s just one more but interesting to observe the mental process around it all…I much prefer five-it easier mentally I guess. Reminds me of making carries on a mountain. After the first carry, the second one seems so daunting since I know what coming-(i.e. how tough it is or how steep it was) and I dread going back up a second and/or three times. I usually fine that the second one is actually easier since I know what’s coming and can check features off in my mind as I pass them. The first go has often increased acclimatization or fitness as well. So as much as I’d prefer five, six is better training…for both my body and my mind.

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