Antarctica Countdown 63 Days and Counting: Wheel Dark

As though of you who have followed a few of my climbs will know, I often love climbing in the dark. There is something strangely comforting about only being able to see only what my headlamp lights in front of me. Somehow, hills seem less steep in the dark. Signal Hill, with tire in tow, seemed less sheer tonight as I did my first ever tire pull in the dark. Bed was way too comfy this morning so I knew I needed to either pull tonight in the dark or leave my lovely cocoon early tomorrow.

My usual tire pull buddy, Natelle, is on the road this week so I was pleased to recruit Marian and the “Pupsicle” to go on the pull with me tonight. It’s helpful having a set of eyes looking up for the giant iron steeds that roar up and down “The Hill” as I tend to keep a pretty solid gaze on the white line on the left hand side of the road. Glad I got this week’s pull in since I’m off tomorrow to Corner Brook for a speaking engagement with the National Student Leadership Conference. I did another adapted strength training session this morning to give my right front paw another day of rest and I think it is a wee bit better for it tonight.

My website hit 25,000 views tonight and that’s an exciting milestone. I appreciate having all of you along on these adventures of mine, near and far.

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