Antarctica Countdown 62 Days and Counting: Flat Out

Today’s training session, number 18, was a tough one. It was the first of (I suspect) many that will combine sand-bag get-ups with step-ups. In this instance, it was also “for time” which I suspect is a practical guarantee that I will see this nefariously tasking combination again. It’s hard to take any rest breaks when a section is “for time” as one of the goals is to complete the tasks in as little time as possible…turns out I was flat out for 45 minutes…and dropping sweat like I was a tropical storm.

This was a “work capacity” focused session-one intended to increase the amount of work that I am capable of doing. It’s working 🙂 The mental aspects of all of this toil are being very constructive and useful right now. I’m really wanting to work on mental strength (and this program is handy and efficient because it’s doing both physical and mental in one go).

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2 Responses to Antarctica Countdown 62 Days and Counting: Flat Out

  1. Ray Kopcinski says:

    Hi T A,

    Probably don’t remember me but I was on the Everest trek in 2007, and ironically, was supposed to be on your Vinson trip. Unfortunately, my work schedule changed and I had to defer until 2013. Anyway, am intrigued by your sandbag training but can’t seem to visualize the process. If you get a chance, would you be able to describe it in more detail. Sounds like something I would like to incorporate in my training.
    I wish you all the best in this next adventure. I’m sure I will see a victorious summit photo frm you before too long.

    Safe travels and safe climbing…all the best,


    • TA Loeffler says:

      Hi Ray,

      Good to hear from you. Too bad we won’t get to share another trip. Sand bag get-ups…first you need a sand bag…one suggestion is filling an army duffel with wood pellets or sand or charcoal…something dense and small…the suggested starting weight is somewhere between 40 and 60 pounds…you can put the fill into a heavy duty plastic bag before it goes in the duffel and tie it off. Basically you want a squirmy load that wiggles and needs you to stabilize it. Place the load on one shoulder. Lie down anyway you want/can on the mat supine. Then get up any way you can. Make sure you finish with equal reps on each shoulder. It’s like a Turkish Get-Up but with a sand bag. Just n case my description doesn’t cut it, here is a link to some pictures of the exercise. You can also find the entire program I am using on the site here Good luck with 2013. Keep me posted.

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