Antarctica Countdown 6 Days and Counting: Goldilocks Says I’m “Tire-d”

When your day starts with a view like this, even if you are dragging a 45 pound tire behind you, it’s going to be a good one. Natelle and I were out pre-sunrise on “The Hill” making sure I got at least one more big training day in before I go next Tuesday. There was some black ice, a light dusting of salt and then a tiny skiff of snow on the upper part of the hill-each reducing the coefficient of friction in their own way. Natelle’s pulling rope broke just below the top on round one and she just about fell on her face when the weight she was pulling released in an instant. Not about to leave on a climb, she wisely left it on the side of the road to teach it a lesson about falling off (and to reap the joys of just walking up the Signal Hill like a “regular” person).

As I pulled, I noticed it was more my legs screaming than my lungs. I could tell that I was fitter–the training is paying off. The legs are still adjusting to the bigger pack weight so should be fine when we are carrying loads in two batches. After my second pull, I headed home for breakfast and then had Marian drop me off in Logy Bay for another go at the East Coast Trail. I took six minutes off my hiking time and so again, good evidence that I’m getting fitter. As I hike, my mind is often busy and today I thought of Goldilocks.

Goldilocks tries out the Three Bears’ beds and chairs and porridge bowls until she finds the one that’s just right. Today I was thinking that in preparation for my early climbs that I often trained too hard too early and would often peak a month or two before the climb and would then have to hang on for dear life and walk the narrow line of overtraining. For some climbs, when other parts of life got priority, I thought perhaps I’d undertrained–not putting in enough time ahead of time and then suffering a bunch on the climb. Today I thought…maybe I’m Goldilocks and got this one “Just Right”…putting in enough time and effort but not too much and peaking right on schedule. Time will tell…All I know at the moment is that I’m pleasantly tired and weather whipped after a 5 hour training morning! Bring on the mountain.


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