Getting a Good Fit

Marian and I have new liners for our plastic mountaineering boots. They are heat mouldable ones from Intuition. We hear they are fabulous and worth the investment as they can be form fitted, are very warm, and are very comfortable. Comfortable and plastic boots aren’t aren’t used in the same sentence. Today we did the process of moulding the liners to our feet.

Step One: Place three-four pounds of rice in a nylon stocking and heat in the microwave for seven to ten minutes depending on wattage of oven.

Step Two: Place hot rice into liner which is in the boot.

Step Three: Let warm for six to eight minutes.

Step Four: Cut a “toe cap” out of an old pair of socks.

Step Five: Cut a second two cap out of a thicker pair of socks and put on top of first one (toes at altitude swell and need lots of wiggle room).

Step Six: Place mountaineering sock over toe caps and other socks.

Step Seven: Take rice out of boot, check for safe temperature, and insert foot and tie medium tight (tighter if you want a roomier foot, looser if you want a tight fit).

Step Eight: Stand for 10 minutes in climbing position with something under toe of boot to allow for extra pressure in toe box (for extra room for the piggies). Those are my St. Paddy’s Day PJ bottoms (just saying).

Step Nine: Suffer while toes go to sleep from being heated and sandwiched.

Step Ten: After ten minutes, remove foot from boot and allow to totally cool. A bit later, insert foot and enjoy a small piece of foot heaven and count the moments until you can go out and field test what seems like the most comfy liners ever.

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