What a Day on the Hill

What a day we were treated to yesterday! Five degrees and sunny to start the day. A real treat for a training load of six Signal Hills. Our first climb felt “too hot” with the glorious sun beating down. Add a little sweat and wind to the mix as we topped out to this view and all was well in the world. It seemed like old home week with so many folks coming out to the “world’s best stair master” we stopped many times to visit with friends old and new.

We’re about 4 weeks out from our expedition to Nepal to climb Mera and Island Peaks and to cross the Labsta Amphu. After a three year absence, it will be great to be back in the Himalayas and spending a good chunk of time walking amid, up, and through mountains. It’s been a very busy winter and I’m looking forward to “the break” of a physically challenging, yet mentally relaxing time away. We’ll up the number of Signal Hills we do each week-hoping to top out at ten before we go. We’re also hitting the stairs and other hilly trails as conditions allow. Looks like some skiing might be in the cards as well if the flurries get think enough!

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2 Responses to What a Day on the Hill

  1. truvei says:

    What a beautiful photo of a jewel of a view! Good luck with the preparation for Nepal!

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