Peaks and Passes Day 3: April 17

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 3:

A short and easy day of trekking off the beaten track, up through thinning forest to the grazing area of Chutanga (3050m). Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day


Nepali, a branch of the Indo European language, is the native language spoken by nearly two thirds of the population and is the official language of Nepal.

Today’s Activity

Stuck in the Ice:

Purpose: To get the students active.

Materials: None

Activity Description: This tag game works much like the tag game bridge tag. To start the game, choose three to five taggers. They act as freezers. When a tagger freezes another student, he or she must freeze into the ice in a manner in which other students can crawl under them.  Once a student crawls under the frozen person who is ‘stuck in the ice” they are no longer frozen and are free to return into the game.

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9 Responses to Peaks and Passes Day 3: April 17

  1. cathy says:

    Thanks for the updates…….. we are enjoying them very much… Love seeing the pics from the Nepal treks as is brings back memories of when we were there and we have fallen in love with the people, children and trekking of such an amazing place….. Enjoy and embrace from fellow Eastern Ontario Canadians!!!!

  2. HTE 403 says:

    I’m a squid

  3. HTE 403 says:

    From logan

  4. HTE 403 says:

    Jk from cathy

  5. HTE 403 says:

    I’m just kiding

  6. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA
    How’s it hangin’?¿? Look how I can wright your name /- @ see TA cool right
    What Is the tee house like? How long are you going to be in Nepal? Get back to me soon

    Good luck

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi it is Dayton

  8. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA
    that looks super cool. Did you see animals on the bridge?

    Good luck!

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