Peaks and Passes Day 4: April 18

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 4:

Acclimatization day. We make a trek up to around 4000 metres giving views over the Dudh Khosi Valley and across to the Atwra La pass. We return to Chutanga. Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day


While the predominant religion is reported to be Hindu in Nepal (approximately 80 percent of population), much of the population openly par take in both Hindu and  Buddhist practices, with no emphasis or discrimination as to what religion one technically belongs to. Thus, Nepal has become known for its high degree of religious tolerance.

Today’s Activity

Avalanche Tag:

Materials Needed: None

Activity Description:

–  Select 1 student to be “it”, have them stand in the center of the gymnasium

–  The rest of the class is lined across one end line of the general space

–  The task of the students is to avoid the human “avalanche” located in the center of the gym and try to make it to safety on the other side

–  On go, students must run to the other side of the gym without being touched by the “avalanche”

–  If they are tagged, they must stand exactly where they were tagged, and help the “avalanche” in catching people.

–  The other “avalanches”, however, can not move their feet.

–  The game ends when everyone has been tagged.

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15 Responses to Peaks and Passes Day 4: April 18

  1. HTE 403 says:

    Hey it’s Zachary Logan and Jon we love douzs there really cool bye

  2. HTE 403 says:

    Hey from jon

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Is that a yak or a dzous???? Hope your having fun!!!!!!! Hope u have a wonderful journey!!!
    From: hayley!!

  4. HTE 403 says:

    Hey it’s Zachary are you having a good time)

  5. 403 says:

    It’s me Samantha from Grade 4
    I was just wondering if you are having fun so far 🙂

  6. Hayley's and Maria's iPad says:

    TA baby how’s it hanging???¿
    It’s your bud Maria and we are here again with the iPads now, and everyone in the class of 403 is writing you a message and we all hope that you and “ the crew” are having fun with the trip peaks and passes well we have to go and do math so yep 🙂
    I wish I was up there with you 🙂
    Your friend Maria 🙂

  7. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA I really like the picture that you put on your blog today.What is your favorite animal that you have seen.
    From your friend Hannah

  8. Hayley's and Maria's iPad says:

    Hey T.A it’s me hayley ,I don’t know if my other message went through but I hope your having a fun time in lulka!!! Well I have to go do boring math:( hope I was up there with u 😉
    From: hayley 😉

  9. HTE403 says:

    I am a squid

  10. HTE403 says:

    Just kiding

  11. HTE 403 says:

    TA ! Baby how’s it hangin.
    I hope your having fun!
    I like your pictures ther cool.
    In 403.

  12. HTE 403 says:

    Hi TA it’s Jane your PAL
    How do those dzouses carry all that food?
    I really like that picture. I find that really cute!

  13. HTE 403 says:

    It your pal Andrea,so is that a yak or a dzous oh and can you ride a yak yes or no.
    Good luck on your trip
    Pleas reply:)

  14. HTE 403 says:

    Hey TA it’s me, Emily.
    Lie the pic 🙂

  15. HTE 403 says:

    Hey TA it’s me,Emily
    Like the pic 🙂

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