Snow Day!!

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  1. Paula coughlan says:

    Hi TA and team,
    Wow…a snow day! We have learned that the rhodendendron is the national flower and the danFe is the national bird…it has exotic coloring with the body being similar to a peacock…I think. It is exciting to see birds like that. Next week my students will do some conversions of your altitude levels into feet. Thank you for answering questions about the dzo…….very interesting the capacity they are able to carry varies after they have been in pasture all summer…they do really look strong! Students had a holiday and a half last week. Friday teachers were in PD.
    Can you tell us what is the structure in the photo for day 5 which has the script or markings?
    Oh and I had forgotten the term wind horses another word for prayer flags.
    Wishing you successful acclimatization!…. And another great day. I would imagine you sleep well after full days of breathing in fresh air.
    Paula. Gr4 hte

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