Peaks and Passes Day 6: April 20

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 6:

We follow a delightful descending trail across three ridges, before dropping steeply down to the Hinku River and a final uphill to Gotay (3600m). Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day


Archaeological evidence shows that Neolithic humans moved into the Himalayas at least 9,000 years ago.

Today’s Activity

Puzzle Relay (Spelling):

Purpose: To get students active before the main lesson while also getting them to think and strategize, incorporating different tasks at once.

Materials needed:  Cut outs of the letters “EVEREST”, “MOUNTAIN”, “CLIMBING”, “FROSTBITE”, or other words of similar length which relate to Mount Everest, 4 pylons/ markers to show where the groups line up.

Activity Description:

– Each group will have one word which they will have to unscramble (the group will not know what their word is before hand)

–  In groups of 4-5, have students lined up (single file behind their pylons)

–  Each group will have a set of letters located directly across from them

–  On go, the first person in line will run towards their letters, and bring back ONE letter.

–  The next person in line will do the same, until each letter has been returned to the group

–  Once all the letters have been brought back the group can begin trying to unscramble their letters to put together their given word.

–  The game does not end until each word has been completed (encourage students to help other groups to finish their words!!!)

What kinds of strategies did you use? Why do you think this worked? Did you enjoy the activity? Is everyone warmed up?

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