Et tu, Brute?

This is Brutus. Brutus probably weighs about 50 pounds with the rim in. Brutus is new to Signal Hill and is still getting broken in so that’s how it got its name. It’s a brut to pull up hill.

I’ve been pulling tires up Signal Hill, on and off for about five years. I usually pull a tire that came off my Oma’s 1988 Chevy Corsica. I’ve wore the sidewall down on that one so it behaves pretty well (doesn’t buck, flip, or roll too often). A few fine folks have been joining me of late so I offered to take Brutus and try to tame it for the hill.

The first few pulls were, without a doubt, brutal. Muscles burned. Lungs burned. I cursed Brutus under my breath when I had enough air left to curse.

This morning, Brutus and I were getting along just fine. All my training seems to be paying off with strength and cardio fitness gains. Now, pulling a tire up a hill is not a “usual” kind of activity and so folks often stop to share their best tire pun with us.
“Are you tired yet?”
“Where is the rest of the car?”
“Are you going to retire soon?”
“Would you like me to call you a tow truck?”

We also get lots of curious questions and funny looks and car horn toots of encouragement…
“You training for something?”
“Wow that workout looks tough.”
“You’re cracked you know!”

I love stopping to chat and answering people’s questions. I love the puns and looks of incredibility. The only thing that makes me sad is when people say things like this:
“I was feeling so good about walking up the hill until I saw the likes of you.”
“Wow seeing you pull that-now my workout on the hill is worthless.”
“I was so proud of taking the tough way up the hill until I saw you.”

I’m usually sweaty and out of breath and we pass in an instant but this is what I would like to say back…

I love that you are out on this hill. I appreciate that you’ve gotten out of bed and up this hill anyway you can. That you’ve walked up slow, run up fast, climbed the stairs, drove up and walked down, rode your bike, wheeled your chair…anyway you got yourself here is fabulous. Congrats. Celebrate that achievement. Celebrate that you overcame inertia, lassitude, bad weather, stress, fatigue, health challenges, family strife, gravity and/or e) all of the above to be here. Out. Outside. Moving your body. Enjoying the view. Building health one step at the time. Let’s high five next time. Let’s smile and cheer each other on. Let’s be proud of actually getting out of bed and onto the hill.

Yes, I can pull a silly big tire up the hill…this morning it actually felt easy-almost like I was cheating easy. Perhaps it was super super hard for you this morning. We can’t always tell how tough or easy a task is by looking. We don’t need to compare. My pulling the tire up the hill does not lessen your getting up there in any way, shape or form (or at least that’s how I see it and hope you will too). Please don’t use my achievement to beat yourself up…appreciate your own achievement instead…


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