Trails of Twillingate: Hospital Pond Trail

With all of our travels in and around Twillingate, we’d never hiked the Hospital Pond Trail until today. What a delightful walk! The pond is just behind the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital and the trail starts with two entry gateways welcoming you whichever way you want to begin to walk around the pond.

Hospital Pond TgateThe 1.3 kilometre trail is rated easy and is quite level and wide all around the pond. It is perfect for walking, running, or rolling strollers. I think it may be possible to wheel a wheelchair around the trail as well (though the trail is gravel so might require a hardy pusher). Three people could easily walk side by side.

There are lots of sights and sounds to be had as you walk around the pond.

There are many memorial benches, trees, scrubs and even a memorial bird house.

All of the wonderful plants and flowers had attracted this visitor to the trail as well.

There are amble stops to stop and enjoy the view. Time is nature is perfect for de-stressing and renewing one’s energy.

I appreciated the trail’s proximity to the hospital knowing how crucial nature is to life quality. Much recent research is showing that green spaces near hospitals are good for patient healing, staff morale, and preventive medicine. I saw several hospital staff taking a post-work stroll and/or power walk.

There is even an unsupervised swimming area with change rooms and washroom.

Many flowers were still in bloom and we loved all the colour and beauty surrounding this walk. It’s super convenient, easy to find, and comes with my recommendation as a Twillingate experience not to be missed.

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4 Responses to Trails of Twillingate: Hospital Pond Trail

  1. Dave says:

    Hello. I found your blog on All Around The Lighthouse and Hospital Pond very interesting Trails of Twillingate). My wife was born there and we have a cottage in Durrell (Twillingate). Since I am a Mall walker in winter, I thoroughly enjoy going to Twillingate for R & R which includes hiking some of the Lighthouse Trail and recently the Twillingate and Summerford Trails. Did you get a chance to hike these when you were in the area. These trails both have Lookouts. Twillingate uses a tower for lookout of Twillingate in all directions with the red and white striped water tower at the hospital which you probably noticed as a landmark. There is a Visitors Guest book to sign there also. There are also benches and tables in specific places for viewing the magnificient scenery that Twillingate has to offer. Summerford Trail on Route 340, Road to the Isles is very good also. Just did it in 2012. To get to the lookout you climb approx. 307 stairs one way with landings for resting and viewing the spectacular 360 degree viewing area. There is plenty of nature in both trails which I love. Glad to see you dropped in for a bite (lunch time) at the Crow’s Nest Cafe. |I have had coffee there a number of times. The drive was worth it for the gentle breezes, quietness and meeting different people who would stop there going to and from the Long Point Lighthouse. Have you tried the Trans Canada Trail and the Bruce Trail in Ontario running from Queenston Heights (Niagara Falls area) to Tobermory on Georgian Bay? That’s all. Happy hiking.

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks for writing. We’ve loved exploring Twillingate. Today we bashed about Back Harbour and spent some time out on the water. We haven’t done the Summerford Trail yet-we’re usually driving back and forth in a hurry! I’ve been up to the Top of Twillingate a few times. Perhaps we’ll cross paths at the Crow’s Nest sometime.

    • Wilma says:

      Dave, it was lovely reading about your excitement for exploring the outdoors in Twillingate and area. The newer additions to the Summerford trails are indeed lovely. Exciting too that Hospital Pond has added a dog park to the trail which makes it fun for families and pooches to enjoy this beautiful outdoor facility. Drop by the Anchor Inn on your next visit! From there the walk to Back Harbour beach is one of my favourite sunset hikes!

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