Great Big Drive

Here we are celebrating our safe arrival in Ilam with some organic Ilam tea. A real treat since we drove through many hillside tea plantations. Ilam is known for its tea. And quite a drive it was…

This is our trusty stead. Packed with our entire team of Great Big Walkers and our Nepali support team traversed from the lowland tarai that we landed in up and over several steep mountain sides and passes. At times my heart was in my throat as we rounded hairpin turn after hairpin turn…likely over 100 in all. Not to mention that the road was just wide enough for two buses to pass and that beside the road that there was nothing but the abyss with no guard rails.

Fortunately we have an excellent driver and assistant. Here you see the assistant hanging out the open bus door. His job is to make sure we don’t fall off the edge of the road, spot oncoming traffic in hairpin turns, and watch for overhead lines. He communicates with the driver using various whistles, taps, and bumps on the side of the bus.

I love the scenery but find the potential plunge off the side of the road to be a tad bit unnerving for some reason. I prayed for safe passage much of the day (and/or wings for the bus). Thanks to our driving team for delivering us thus far.

Another great big drive tomorrow and we will finally get to walk. Speaking of walking, I managed 9293 steps and Marian 9227. We did have a decent walk out of the airport to the bus but the number does seem a bit high. Perhaps the rocking and swaying of the bus fooled the FitBits.

Hope you found some way to #FindYourFit today! I can’t wait to find mine in bigger form once the transport phase is over.

There is cell coverage here so that’s why I ca get an update out. Thanks for following along.

On the animal list, we saw cows, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, water buffaloes, and chickens. On the vegetation list, we wee surprised to see ten foot tall poinsettias, banana trees, and Palm trees. Parts of the drive today we reminiscent of Zimbabwe, Barbados, and Guatemala. It always amazes me how some topographies and geographies repeat/remind!

All in all an excellent day!

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One Response to Great Big Drive

  1. Joan Andrews says:

    Wouldn’t want to navigate that bus , I enjoying the posts and am trying to keep walking . You guys inspire!

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