Great Big Walk Day 3: Fly Bhadrapur (2420m). Drive to Ilam

Today we fly  to Bhadrapur (2420m) and then drive to Ilam.
Bhadrapur is situated in the terai, south east of Lukla. The flight from Kathmandu takes approximately  50 minutes and affords views of the entire trek and the Himalaya from Kanchenjunga to Langtang.

ght total map 001

Here is a map of our entire route for the Great Big Walk.

Quote for the Day

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.
Steven Wright 

Did You Know?

Nepal is the world’s 93rd largest country is the world by landmass.

Find Your Fit Fact

Walking helps you live a longer life. A study on about 8000 people in Honolulu, Hawaii found that walking just three kilometers a day can help decrease the risk of death by about half. Other studies have yielded similar results.

Activity Suggestion: Mountaineers Tail

Outcome: Students will have to find creative ways to communicate with their fellow classmates, work as a team, and raise their energy levels.

Materials:  3 Bandanas or scarves

Setup:  N/A

Rules and procedures:

The activity will begin by defining the boundaries for the activity.  Divide the group into at least 3 teams.  Each team forms a train by holding on to each others’ shoulders. The person at the back of each line gets a “Mountaineers Tail” (bandana or scarf). The tail is tucked into their back pocket so it is sticking out. The object is for the head of the Mountaineer Train to grab the tail of another Mountaineer Train, while at the same time protecting its own tail.

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