Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #8

Hey this is TA calling in from Amjilosa. Day 8. We’ve had a great walk today. I had 18,819 steps. Actually about 300 more since we actually got here to camp. Marian had 17 682. The big news is that we broke our number of floors record big time. Marian had 342 floors today, and I had 336. Remember there is a lovely contest we launched yesterday to guess the maximum number of floors we will do in a day. Put your guess in yesterday’s webpage comment section if you want to give that a go and we will see how many floors we actually end up doing on our biggest day. Today’s distance was approximately 12.4 kilometers. I’m not sure I said yesterday’s which was about 13.8. Give or take 5 or 6 kilometers based on the technology we are using. After a rainy night, we woke up to a clear sky and saw a (inaudible) this morning for the first time. There was a bit of wind blowing off the summit. I’m pretty excited to see one of the mountains we are heading for. It’s actually the third highest mountain in the world, at a height of 8586 meters. It’s name means the five treasures of the great snows and it’s on the border of Nepal and India. Kanchenjunga is also the name of the conservation area we’re travelling through and one interesting thing about the Kanchenjunga conservation area is that it is one of the few conservation areas in the world that is managed by community groups and not by governments. And so different communities work together to mend resources here in the conservation area.

It was an interesting and challenging day of traversing a river gorge, the gunsa khola. There were some pretty interesting bridges as well as the trail being carved out on the side of the gorge walls and sometimes the trail was added to the gorge walls using rike and timber cribbing. We had a great lunch, fantastic lunch of rice, and some pancake and some sausage and some salad and some pumpkin. And after lunch, we had a little bit of digest time fortunately because we had to go up steeply uphill mostly after lunch and it was pretty warm. In the shades its a wonderful temperature for walking but in the sun its definitely pretty warm. As we made our way up here at getting to about 2700 meters we started to see the rhododendron in bloom. It’s quite gorgeous it is the national tree of Nepal and the ones we saw today had red blossoms. We also saw some oak trees and saw some eekhorns on the ground, so that was kind of a fun find to see. We also had some dzo (inaudible) cross our path today. What is a dzo (inaudible) you might ask? It’s actually a cross between a yak and a cow and why would you cross a yak and a cow? Well it is because yaks don’t really do so well at lower elevation, so if you cross a yak and a cow you get a pack animal that can go below 3000 meters. And the dzo that went by us today, some of them had some pretty exciting decorations. Some had red hair, some had earrings and that’s how the dzo herders keep track of which animal is which and which animals are in their herd. (inaudible) wear bells around their necks and it brought back lots of memories to hear their sound. We’re camped outside, which is usually what you do when you’re camped but we’re beside a home which kind of has some farm animals so it was kind of exciting. There were chickens and roosters walking outside the vestibule and even a goat jumped into Camolina’s tent. So she was having fun chasing the goat out of the tent and she’s made fun with the families’ wonderful Tibetan mastiff puppy. We’ve seen so many wonderful dogs and puppies here that we’re all trying to coax one along or stick one in a bag, but mostly we just enjoy them and snap lot’s of pictures. So another great day on the great big walk, it was a great big walk.

Definitely legs are starting to feel a little bit tired after four big days of walking. We have two more days of and then we will get our first rest day. So yeah,we’re having a grand time. Thanks for following along. Thanks to Carey and Brianne for the texts, we did get them yesterday. I’ve sent a note out about my longer name so thanks for the head’s up on that. And thanks Brianne for being the Comms queen and everyone have a great Saturday. Talk to ya! bye!

Total Steps for TA: 18,819 and 336 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 17,682 and 342 floors

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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