Great Big Walk Day 8: To Amjilosa (2308m)

To Amjilosa (2308m).

The stage from Sukathum to Amjilosa is a challenging day. After crossing the suspension bridge outside Sukathum we enter dense forest once again until the valley narrows into steep gorge country.The sound of the river is deafening and waterfalls cascade down either side of the gorge. Great care needs to be taken on this section of the trek. Our final approach to Amjilosa is a series of steep switchbacks which ease after a few hours with another hour of easier gradient before reaching Amjilosa.

Quote for the Day

 To walk is to lack a place. It is the indefinite process of being absent and in search of a proper.
Michel de Certeau

Did You Know?

A popular fast food in Nepal are called Momo. These are dumplings made from flour dough filled with chicken, water buffalo, or vegetables.

Find Your Fit Fact

One tool that can really help you to gauge whether you are walking far enough or fast enough is a pedometer. Your phone, if it is an Android or iPhone, can actually double up as a pedometer. Ideally, you should be taking at least 10,000 steps every single day.

Activity Suggestion: Crevasse Crumble (rolling rocks)

Objective: Have students learn the difference between stalagmites and stalactites while being active at the same time.

Materials Needed: 20 tennis balls, 20 marker cones (10 of each colour), 6 small soft balls or size 1 mini footballs.

Activity Description:

Set up 10 cones with a tennis ball on each at either end of the hall, with a centre line which players must not cross and divide the group into 2 equal teams.

– The objective of the game is to roll the soft balls to try and knock the tennis balls off the opposing teams cones. The game is continuous and is played until all balls are knocked off.


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