Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #12

Namaste, from 4050 meters on the Great Big walk. we’re here in Kangpachen and we had a lovely day of walking uphill. we walked somewhere between 15 and 16 km. gained about 700m and currently its snowing like it usually does. We’ve been waking up to clear skies with beautiful sun during the day and come about 2:30, 3 o’clock it gets overcast and down below it was raining and up here we’re getting sort of a haily kind of a snow so its nice we’ve had some tea and we’re all kind of tucked in. So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. On our walk today we actually saw a new kind of tree for us in Nepal which was a larch or a lark, and as far as i know they are the only deciduous conifers. They lose their leaves. So they reminded us of home because there is lots of larch’s at home. We also saw old man’s beard which is a laiken that grows on conifer trees in (inaudible) and Mariann noticed that she thought the old man’s beard looked like prayer flags flying from those. Up here now at 4050 meters we’ve left the trees behind now there is only sort of low bushes, and we are surrounded by high peaks and lots and lots of rocks and this reminded me of a passage from the kanchenjunga conservation area brochures that i wanted to read to you. It says: “The kanchenjunga conservation area comprises of 41.2% rocks and the Nepali word for rocks is dunga.

22.8% snow and glaciers 16.1% forest 10% shrub 9.3% pastry land and .5 agricultural land and .1% lake and landslide area.” Because of its unique features the government of Nepal along with support from the World Wildlife Federation in Nepal declared this area as a gift to the earth in 1997. It definitely is a gift to the travelling tourist. We came as we walked today through many yak pasturing areas. They are called karkas and Kangpachen exists as a spring summer and fall pasturing village. It is not inhabited the year round because it is too high to grow crops and very cold in winter and even here cold in the middle of march. We also had to traverse a fairly serious landslide section today where we needed to move steadily while stepping lightly and keeping an eye out for falling rocks. This was a challenge on a daily we are moving to a new elevation for the first time. You can probably hear just that little bit of breathlessness. I have to catch my breath to keep speaking and that is just because we have moved from 3500 meters up here to 4050 meters.

After that section Camolina made it to camp in record time, walking off the adrenaline from such a challenging crossing. Judah had burned some junaproo at lunch as an offering for our safe passage through that section. Lunch was awesome as usual. We had vegetables noodle soup, green beans and carrots small wieners and sauce and butter toast. Breakfast almost always has porridge, yesterday it had rice pudding, omelettes, usually some kind of egg and some kind of bread. This morning it was pancakes. Dinner last night was equally delectable. We had a starter of mushroom soup, cauliflower fritters, pasta with sauce, eggplants and if you can believe it we had cake for dessert with a lovely custard frosting and maraschino cherry.One of the things that we were joking about today was (inaudible) it seems we always pause for lunch at an area where it is good for the cooking and kitchen crew to be able to cook and that always seems to be at the base of a very steep hill and that was definitely true today but we are getting wiser at managing our hydration levels and just having just the right amount of food to make sure that we have just the right amount of energy to keep walking but not too full to go uphill.

Today Marian had 21532 steps and 296 floors and I had 19528 steps and I had 212 floors which is a little bit light for the day. So lets think maybe I was about the same. And good news is we had camolina wearing a pedometer today as well and she wore the little green fitbit and she had 23 226 so we had another walker to the great big walk. So we also extend that same invitation to you. We hope that you will join us on our great big walk facebook page or our great big walk heart and stroke page where you too can contribute your steps to the group effort of getting everyone out to a great big or great big small walk. Hope you’re having a great day and we will catch you from tomorrow. Bye!

Total Steps for TA:  19528 steps, 212 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 21532 steps, 296 floors

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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