Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #14

Hey this is TA calling you from Kanchenjunga base camp on Friday find your fit or actually as I usually say, find your fit Friday. We actually found our fit quite a bit today as we wandered up here to our highest elevation on this first section. We’re thrilled to be here at KVC, the official starting point for our great Himalayan trail walk. The great big walk. Marian had 14 599 steps today at a distance of 10.13 km and 149 floors. I had 16 308 steps, 156 floors, 10.7 km. Cam had 16 181 steps and 10.7 km for her. So we’re definitely continuing to feel the elevation so everyone had beaten their headaches by morning and now of course our goal since we’re at a new elevation again is to drink and eat and drink and eat.

I wanted to send a happy birthday greeting to the Xander man. Hopefully having a great time celebrating today and Silvia thanks so much for your text, we got them. There’s a little fuzzy bit so ill sort of wait for the fuzzy bit to pass, there its gone. So thanks so much for those texts, we love texts so Silvia keep sending them. Cam sends her love and kisses back to all of you including Josh and she was thrilled to hear that you guys were following along. We saw a blue sheep skull, yesterday and today we saw the mammals to which those skulls belong. We saw them on the hillside grazing and we actually heard that there was a snow leopard kill of a blue sheep near one of the stone huts last night so that’s kind of exciting. Oh another fuzzy bit, fuzzy bit fuzzy bit, fuzzy bit. So we were hoping to see a snow leopard today but of course they are very elusive and its unusual to see one in the day time. So we got to see Kanchenjunga as we first pulled into camp. It’s snowing now, overcast and we’re hoping we don’t get hammered too hard tonight so we were thrilled to see the world’s third highest peak at 8 586 m. It’s considered one of the toughest and most dangerous of the 8 000 m peaks to climb. It was first climbed in 1958 by British climbers Joe Brown and Joe Bands. Out of respects to local custom in (inaudible), the summit is considered sacred by folks there. They actually stopped a few feet below the actual summit. Kanchenjunga in Tibetan means the following. Kan means snow, chen means great, ju means treasure and nga means five. So take it all together it means the five treasures of the great snows.So this could refer to the 5 summits, the 5 glaciers that come off the mountain or 5 treasures of God. This last interpretation is actually considered the most common. And those treasures are gold, silver, gems, grains and religious texts. From the sanskrit, there is another translation. Kanchen means golds, junga means the river that flows nearby so it could mean the river that shines like gold.

So it’s find your fit Friday, pretty exciting thing for us here is both Marian and I have passed the quarter of a million steps on this project so far. The recommended daily step-age is about 10 000 steps. So we’re hoping that you’re out there stepping with us and are able to reap some of those health benefits that you get from stepping 10 000 steps per day. We’re having a great time. It’s kind of fun to count sometimes. I am a big fan of setting goals and one of the goals on this great big walk was to make a million steps. So it’s pretty exciting yesterday to add up and realize that we’re a quarter of the way to that goal. So hope you’re finding your fit today, sometimes its easier to find your fit with a buddy. So grab a buddy, go for a walk, log your steps on the great big walk website and we will catch you from Saturday tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we don’t get hammered by a storm tonight. Thanks and take care. Bye!

Total Steps for TA:  16 308 steps, 156 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 14 599 steps, 149 floors

Total Distance for TA: 10.7 km

Total Distance for Marian: 10.13 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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One Response to Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #14

  1. Joan Andrews says:

    I can hardly believe a quarter of a million steps and you are just starting the trail. You both make me smile! This is just a wonderful gift. Thank you , stay safe and Blessed. Joan

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