It’s Find Your Fit Friday on the Great Big Walk Day 14: To Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5100m)

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL! TA is the ambassador for Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador's Find Your Fit Campaign. How You Found Your Fit this week?

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL!
TA is the ambassador for Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador’s Find Your Fit Campaign.
How You Found Your Fit this week?

Find Your Fit!

Find Your Fit! is a provincial physical activity promotions/communications campaign designed to get individuals motivated and moving towards healthy, active living.  The Find Your Fit! website is an excellent resource for physical activity throughout the lifespan.  You are also invited to join the Great Big Walk on the Walkabout Website if you would like to log your steps along with us.  Walking is an excellent and simple way to find your fit.

Today We Walk to Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5100m)
The mountain views on this stage of our trek are stunning as we make our way along the lateral moraine to base camp. Climbing gently for 2 hours we then cross a steep section of loose rock for another hour before a further gentle climb of another hour before arriving in base camp.  The walk will be about 7 hours.

Quote for the Day

Walking is a daily experience and a lifetime journey.
Maxine Bigby Cunningham

Did You Know?

The Great Himalaya Trail is about 4,500 km in length. With help from UKAID, the GHT is being developed into an important tourism product that can generate jobs and income for local communities as well as be in line with best practices for sustainable tourism.

Find Your Fit Fact

Because of the mental benefits that walking provides, children who walk to school are brighter and more alert than those who are driven to school.

Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Research Moment

This is a recent research project from the laboratory of Dr. Duane Button and colleagues. Please contact Dr. Button for more information about this study.

The Effect of a Short-Term High-Intensity Circuit Training Program on Work Capacity, Body Composition, and Blood Profiles in Sedentary Obese Men: A Pilot Study

The objective of this study was to determine how a high-intensity circuit-training (HICT) program affects key physiological health markers in sedentary obesemen. Eight obese (body fat percentage> 26%) males completed a four-week HICT program, consisting of three 30-minute exercise sessions per week, for a total of 6 hours of exercise. Participants’ heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), rating of perceived exertion, total work (TW), and time to completion weremeasured each exercise session, body composition was
measured before and after HICT, and fasting blood samples were measured before throughout, and after HICT program. Blood sample measurements included total cholesterol, triacylglycerides, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein
cholesterol, glucose, and insulin. Data were analyzed by paired t-tests and one-way ANOVA with repeated measures. Statistical significance was set to 𝑃 < 0.05. Data analyses revealed significant (𝑃 < 0.05) improvements in resting HR (16% decrease), systolic
BP (5.5% decrease), TW(50.7%), fat tissue percentage (3.6%), leanmuscle tissue percentage (2%), cholesterol (13%), triacylglycerol (37%), and insulin (18%) levels from before to after HICT program. Overall, sedentary obese males experienced a significant
improvement in biochemical, physical, and body composition characteristics from a HICT program that was only 6 hours of the total exercise.

Activity Suggestion: Hot Feet (from the Find Your Fit Website)

Materials Needed: Juggling scarves and bean bags

Activity Description: Each student has a juggling scarf or bean bag. Objective is to throw your object and hit someone else’s feet while trying to dodge throws at your own feet. If hit on the foot (or below the knee), stop and do 5 jumping jacks before resuming play. (Source: CATCH)

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