Great Big Walk Day 22: Sanku link

Sanku link of the GHT from Olangchun Gola to Pass Camp (4453m)
Commence Sanku link of the GHT from Olangchun Gola to Pass Camp (4453m). The Great Himalaya Trail crosses the rugged wilderness of the Lumbha Sambha to the Makalu region. From Olangchun Gola we head in a northerly direction, crossing the Tamor Khola and travelling up the Dingsamba Khola. The trail then ascends through rhododendron forest to a valley and then another smaller valley beyond gained by climbing over a rock band.

Quote for the Day

I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live within walking distance of either beauty or convenience, if not both.
Victoria Moran

Did You Know?

The Himalaya mountain range came about as the result of tectonic plate motions that collided India into Tibet.

Find Your Fit Fact

Another mistake people make when they start their walking program is they don’t drink enough water. Adequate hydration is essential to reaping the benefits of a walking program and so it is important drink enough water each day.

Activity Suggestion: Snow Leopards and Pandas

Outcomes/Goals: To teach students how to work cooperatively and cohesively as group members. It also gives them an awareness of how important it is to make smart environmental choices. These choices can essentially help preserve our planet’s resources in the long run. Explain to students that for various reasons (climate change, overhunting, etc.) there are many endangered species throughout the world. In Nepal, the endangered Snow Leopard and Panda can be found. Since these animals are very unique the students should enjoy playing their roles as they pretend to roam around the mountains in this tag activity. Just like mountain climbing, it will involve cooperation and teamwork in order for the students to be successful in the activity.

Materials Needed: 1-3 pinnies ; 5-8 hoola hoops ; 3-4 scooters

Activity Description: A few “snow leopards” (2-4) are chosen. At the signal, the snow leopards will move around and try to tag the pandas. When tagged, the pandas must lay on their backs with their feet and hands in the air. At this point, the pandas that have not been tagged can try to rescue their fellow pandas by getting 2 pandas to put the hurt panda on a scooter. They must then escort the hurt panda, while being in contact with them, to the nearest den (hoola hoop).  When the two pandas are touching the “hurt panda”, they are safe and cannot be tagged by the snow leopards. After the panda is placed down in their den, all three pandas (1 rescued plus 2 helpers) have 2 seconds to get away before they can be tagged by the snow leopards. The game is over when all the pandas have been tagged and are laying on their backs; leopards are changed when the game is over.



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