Great Big Walk Day 23: To Pass Camp (4453m)

Sanku Link of the GHT from Olangchun Gola to Pass Camp (4453m)
Commence Sanku link of the GHT from Olangchun Gola to Pass Camp (4453m). The Great Himalaya Trail crosses the rugged wilderness of the Lumbha Sambha to the Makalu region. From Olangchun Gola we head in a northerly direction, crossing the Tamor Khola and travelling up the Dingsamba Khola. The trail then ascends through rhododendron forest to a valley and then another smaller valley beyond gained by climbing over a rock band.

Quote for the Day

The promenade is a special subset of walking.
Rebecca Solnit

Did You Know?

The country of Nepal has been recorded to have at least 19 different types of forests and other dominant vegetation. There are an estimated 1,500-2,000 plant species growing there.

Find Your Fit Fact

Over-training is another mistake that a lot of people make. They don’t take time to rest and let the body recover from all the training that they do and this can lead to injuries and fatigue. Take one or two days a week to let your body recover.

Activity Suggestion: Story Game

Explain to students how the forests of Nepal are rich in plant diversity. The diversity and great growing conditions (due to plenty of rain and sun) make for enormous tress throughout the area and are also a great habitat for many exotic animals. In this game, the students will get a chance to escape these exotic animals while they run, jump, climb, and swim through the forest as they race to meet their mountaineering crew. They will require physical skills, quick thinking and endurance in order to react to the instructions given by the teacher and keep up with the activity’s pace.

Materials Needed: CD player with a CD/mp3 with Jungle sounds; create a brief story (approx.10 mins) related to your topic.

Activity Description:

This game begins by the teacher getting the students to line up in a large circle in the center of the gym. The sounds are then turned off and the teacher joins the circle. Tell the students about a young adventurer who got split up from his or her team on the way to base camp and needed to get to them quick before they started to climb the mountain. He or she knew the direction the team was in but had to maneuver through some obstacles along the way. The teacher then says that in order to prepare for Mt. Makalu, the climber had to train hard by running, jumping, climbing, & swimming. As the teacher says each one, he or she acts out the motion and then the students do the same: runs on spot, jumps while running, stands up and uses arms above head to climb, lays down on belly to swim.

Once the climber finished training, he or she begins the journey and ventures through the forest acting out each move when necessary (always keep feet moving even in between different actions) while chased periodically by different jungle animals (Monkeys, crocodiles, tigers, lions, etc.) There are also points when the adventurer has to swing on vines, chop through tress, and climb out of quicksand! The students can follow these actions as the story progresses.  There can be many different twists put on the story. Eventually the adventurer gets to the end where the team is waiting for her or him. The teacher says that if the adventurer wasn’t so fit from all the training exercises, he or she would not have been able to get through the jungles obstacles and escape all the animals.


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