Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #50

Hey this is TA calling in from day 50 of the great big walk. We are just outside a village called Dzongla. 4815 m above sea level, preparing to cross the chola tomorrow. I wanted to say a happy birthday to our dear friend Nolan. Hope you’re having fun celebrating. A bit of a hard day for me today, a bit of a dunga day, a stone day, instead of a diamond day. There was much helicopter traffic going up and down kundu. So was thinking of all the families who lost loved ones and I suspect there is some built up fatigue. We’ve been moving 12 days since our last rest day. We had a pretty decent move today. 20 784 steps for Marian, 233 floors, 14.5 km. For me it was 21 437 steps, 253 floors and 14 km and Cam had 20 170 steps. What this means is that we’ve just broken 800, 000 steps and we look forward to another 200,000 steps that are unfolding over the next two weeks or so. So not a big update today, just a short one and we’re doing fine and think of us tomorrow as we go over the chola and sending all of our thoughts to those who lost loved ones in the last two days. Okey doke! Bye! Oh yeah and Brianne can you delete the one we had before. The phone is acting a little bit strange tonight, maybe because of the snow we’re having. OK bye!

Total Steps for TA: 21 437 steps, 253 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 20 784 steps, 233 floors

Total Distance for TA: 14 km

Total Distance for Marian: 14.5 km

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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