Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #59

Hey this is TA calling from day 59 of the great big walk. We are located at a place that we think might be Tabug. Isn’t that a great name? At an elevation of 4710m. We’ve had our third big day in a row, completing our crossing of the Tashi Laptsa today. We came down from what we learned is called Eagle’s nest camp. It was a pretty exciting night. Windy and snowy for much of the night. I know our tent was perched on the edge and it was like okay hopefully it doesn’t blow that hard, it’ll blow us off. So it was 15 or 16 hours in the tent as we were waiting for that to pass through and this morning we ended up on a bit of a delayed start because the sun didn’t actually hit where we were on the Eagle’s nest because of the high icefall in the background until about 8 am. So we had a little bit of a technical descent off the Eagle’s nest and then we were on the Tarkati glacier and at first we thought we might be cooked by the death star. It was quite warm because of the new snowfall at first and and then gradually that snow all melted off and we were walking over rock. So it was a dunga walking day. Lot’s of concentration and balance needed as we did nearly 11 km on a rock covered glacier. So tonight we’re definitely a little bit pooped from paying that close attention. But in a pretty cool spot above the glacial lake. We can’t see it from where we are camped but we’re actually on sand and there is grass so that is pretty exciting and getting ready to have a nice big dinner because we worked up a pretty fine appetite.

We are celebrating leaving our 3rd map and we’re now on our 4th and final map of the great big walk and also our last log sheet. So changes in the air. So schools out there, if you have any questions for us or if you want to jump on board and do a little bit more walking with us. This is our last full week of Monday to Friday. We know this is good happy Monday morning in North America so text in those questions for us. We’re happy to try and find the answers and today I had around 14 918 steps, Marian had 14 850. Both had about 30 floors, about 11 km. Cam was the big winner again today, 17 978. Just shy of 12 km and yesterday she had 13 149 steps. So we’re making way. We’re just passing the 936 000 mark for steps and we’re honing in our 600 km mark. Only about 22 km to go. So stay tuned to find out what day we break the 600 km mark and what day we break the million step mark.

So we’re all tired. Definitely can tell that we’ve been on the go for 26 or 27, I’ve already lost count, days without a rest day. So legs are tired, minds are tired, but pretty excited, tomorrow we might actually get to see a tree. Pretty amazing to be walking on this glacier all day. Glaciers are amazing forces with the way they push rock. (inaudible) both on the falling glacier today as well as from the side of the, sorry that was Lhakpa Yetti going around and I am hearing the clinking of climbing gear which we are now putting away because at least for us we are done with the technical sections and we have a long amazing walk downhill through the Rawali valley. So that is the report from Day 59 of the great big walk. Thanks for walking with us and do contribute your steps to the great big walk website and text in your questions if you got some. Thanks a lot. Take care. Bye bye!

Total Steps for TA: 14 918 steps, 30 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 14 850 steps, 30 floors

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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